School Staff Directory


Cindy Campbell - Principal

Sarah Addison - Assistant Principal

Andrew Goins - Assistant Principal

Jonathan King - Assistant Principal

Joe Riley - Assistant Principal

Office Staff

Tracey Harris - School Secretary

Laurie Jimoh - Bookkeeper

Julie Walker - Guidance Secretary

 Taylor Leek - Attendance Clerk

Lea Phelps - Check In/Out Attendant

Athletic Director

Blake Leach

Freshman Academy Orange Team


Robin Jackson - English

Samantha Meehan - Social Studies

Maggie Ward - Math

Patricia Paschedag - Science

Leah Thomas - Freshman Seminar

English Department

Kerrin Burk - 10th

Jessica Hill - 11th/12th

Brant Weiss - 10th/Dept Chair

Aaron Stranger - 11th

Science Department

Heidi Wheeler - 10th

Shelley Ladd - 10th/Dept Chair

Jessica Caudill - 11th

Career and Tech Department


Deborah Cauthen - Business

Matthew Handy - Business

Whitney Frost - Business

Rayven Bettis - Family and Consumer Science (FCS)

Aaron Stallons - Agriculture

Julie Gilliam - Agriculture/Dept Chair

Students with Disabilities Department

Jacob Ezell - MSD - Dept Chair

Shamar Foster - EBD

Bill Majors - EBD

Barbara Brown - Autism

John Richards - Resource Math

Richard Tobergte - Resource English

James Persell - MSD

Alandria Banks - Collaborative Teacher

Emily Laforme - EBD

Maya Moss - Collaborative Teacher

School Counselors

Katie Hamilton - 12th Grade Counselor

Brandi Lovely - 11th Grade Counselor

 Allison Gamblin - 9th Grade Counselor

Terricka Jones - 10th Grade Counselor

Instructional Staff

Kristee Barnes - Intervention/Transition

Paul Barrett - Transition Coordinator

Deena Oliver - Students with Disabilities Coordinator

Youth Service Center

Lisa Roberts

School Nurse

Tracy Lamblin

Freshman Academy Black Team

 Mitchell Fort - Science

 Shawncey Young - English

Jordan Majors - Math

Lindsey Jones - Social Studies

 Austin Knight - Freshman Seminar

Math Department

Kenneth Alford - 11th/Dept Chair

Tammy Allender - 10th

Ashlee Grace - 11th/12th

Thomas Wise - 12th

Social Studies Department

Robert Shearon - 10th

Amanda Lehman - 10th

Ryan Thorn - 11th

Wade McCulloch - 11th

Jack Rutland - Social Studies Electives

Arts and Humanities Department


Grant Jones - Band

Addisson Grimm - Band

Jeri Lyn Thomas - Spanish

Marilyn Lopez - Spanish

Crystal Richards - Art

Ross Pendleton - Humanities

1st Sgt Wayne Holloway - JROTC/Dept Chair

Matt Day - Health

Malcom Tipler - PE

Marc Clark - Fitness Conditioning

Derrell Johnson - Distance Learning


Shirley Abbitt

Mona Beal

Quinton Carlton

William Coleman

Candace Ashley

Venessa Lewis

Keith Leslie

Lee Major

Taiveyhon Mason

Shaheime Mimmis

Jameria Shaw

Fred Sowerby

Tina Ashby