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Welcome to my website at Hopkinsville High School. This site will contain helpful links for each class I teach. Just click! Right now, while you are looking at this website, you should bookmark it. You will be accessing it often from the classroom and from home. You may also locate it at http://www.tinyurl.com/pifactory314

On this page, you may find many additional resources that will be helpful to you. I have included a PowerPoint presentation to introduce you to me, my classroom, and my classroom rules and expectations. There are also helpful files located here such as my notebook organization checklist, class syllabi, class supplies, grading rubrics, and other items.

Click links at the top of my webpage as follows to find specific items:

Daily Learning Targets & Agendas - Go to Google Classroom
File Cabinet
: Documents/class notes/syllabi that may be needed for each class
Forms: Request to Retest
Links: Links for online materials or videos assigned or watched in class
Supplies: Supply list for each class

Keep checking back as the year proceeds! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have about the classes that I teach or your student. I look forward to hearing from you. Best time to contact me by phone is immediately after school at 3:25 p.m. or during my planning period from 1:39 - 2:29 p.m. The quickest way to contact me is via email at any time (day/night) at kathi.reed@christian.kyschools.us

Oh, just a helpful hint.... PLEASE obtain Parent Infinite Campus login information so that you can keep track of grades, attendance, and other information that pertains to you. Parents, students may log into Infinite Campus with their student email address and password; however, if you don't have an Infinite Campus account, please contact HHS Guidance Dept. at 887-7112 to obtain a parent account. Once you have an account, you may download the Infinite Campus App to your smart phone from your provider's app store. 



School-wide Expectations

100% Engagement

  • Be Respectful of Others
  • Participate!
  • Use Technology Appropriately
  • Stay on Topic!
  • Limit Hall Pass Use – 10/10 rule!

Be Prepared and On Time for Class

  • Be in Your Seat When the Bell Rings
  • Make Sure You Have EVERYTHING You Need for Class
  • Start Work on the Bell Ringer Immediately

Use Appropriate Language in All School Settings

  • Consider School Your Workplace!  Speak Accordingly.

Classroom Expectations

  • Be PROMPT – be prepared with paper, pencil/pen, book, notebook, completed assignments.
  • Be FOCUSED on classroom tasks.
  • Be HONEST – you only cheat yourself.
  • Show RESPECT to teacher, classmates, and materials/equipment.
  • Just say NO!! to distractions (food, drinks, side conversations, cell phones).
  • Seek PROFICIENCY in all you do. Never settle for just getting by.
  • Don’t be a LEMMING!

Remind for the Classroom - Parents and students are requested to participate in the Remind text (or email) messaging system which allows me to communicate one-way announcements to students and parents. Sign-up information for each class is as follows:

Business Management - Text @msreed-bm to 81010 or online go to remind.com/join/msreed-bm
Business Principles - Text @msreed-bp to 81010 or online go to remind.com/join/msreed-bp
Financial Literacy - Text @msreed-fl to 81010 or online go to remind.com/join/msreed-fl
Money Skills - Text @msreed-ms to 81010 or online go to remind.com/join/msreed-ms

Facebook for the Classroom
*Financial Literacy and Money Skills students will be directed to join my Facebook group called The Pi Factory which can be located at this URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThePiFactory/ if they are Facebook members. Group membership is not required.
*Business Management, Business Principles, Money Skills and Financial Literacy students will be directed to join my Facebook group called Taking Care of Business which can be located at this URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tcobusiness/ if they are Facebook members. Group membership is not required.

Twitter for the Classroom
Money Skills/Financial Literacy students who have Twitter accounts will be directed to follow @PiFactory314 at this URL: http://twitter.com/PiFactory314 Group membership is not required.
Business Management/Business Principles/Financial Literacy/Money Skills students who have Twitter accounts will be directed to follow @TCOBusiness at this URL: https://twitter.com/tcobusiness Group membership is not required.

Appropriate student behavior will be expected on both the Twitter and Facebook groups. These will be considered an online extension of my classroom (included in classroom syllabus). Behavioral infractions will be treated as if they occurred in the classroom. Parents may view either account, but only my students will be added as bona-fide group members/followers.

Edmodo for the Classroom - http://www.edmodo.com/pifactory314


Google Classroom - https://classroom.google.com - Students sign in with student email login.

Per 1 - Business Management - Class Code domyw4x

Per 2 - Financial Literacy - Class Code cbmyakn

Per 3 - Financial Literacy - Class Code qox9w1

Per 4 - Business Principles - Class Code wciaxrh

Per 5 - Money Skills - Class Code uxielm

Per 7 - Business Principles - Class Code p28y3f


Thanks very much.