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Attention Parents/Guardians:


Christian County Public Schools seeks to maintain a safe and orderly environment. Students transitioning from an alternative setting to a regular school enrollment are encouraged to focus on their academic performance.


Current policy states any student placement to an alternative setting will result in students not participating in school-wide functions. Based on policy 09.4341 Alternative Education, students assigned to alternative schools or programs for behavior-based infractions shall not be eligible to access extracurricular activities including, but not limited to sports activities, as allowed under applicable Board Policy, Code of Conduct, SBDM Policy, KHSAA rules or other alternative program standards adopted by the district.


Possible examples of school wide functions are listed below:


·         Baccalaureate Ceremony

·         Commencement Ceremony

·         Prom

·         Project Graduation

·         End of Year Field Trips

·         Class Events outside of Regular Instruction

15 or more Unexcused Absences Attendance Reminders


1.      Students who have (15) or more unexcused days and/or unexcused tardies will not be allowed to participate in baccalaureate commencement (graduation) exercises.

2.      Students who have (15) or more unexcused days and/or unexcused tardies will not be able to attend prom as a junior or senior or attend as a guest as a freshmen or sophomore.

3.      Students who have (15) or more unexcused days and/or unexcused tardies will not be able to attend project graduation as a graduate or as the guest of a graduate.



Online sales of the yearbook is available. We will only be selling in school between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the online portion is open now till New Years day. It does charge a $3 or $4 fee to order online. To get to the store just go to the following site,, and search our school. 


Tardy/Dress code/cell phones: 


o   1st set of 3 (3) -Lunch Detention


o   2nd set of 3 (6) -After School detention


o   3rd set of 3 (9) -1 day ISS


o   4th set of 3 (12+) -2 days ISS per set of 3


o   *Anything over 15, will be admin discretion.  This means the student could be suspended or continue to serve 2 days ISS.  



Get texts and emails from HHS and the District.  This includes cancellations, early dismissals, and school information.  Click the NotifyMe image on the center of the page (above Latest News)



PD resource centerLink to Corwin Literacy






HHS Check Out Procedures for 18 year olds

CCPS Parent and Family Engagement
CCPS Naming Rights Bid Process Documents

Sports Events
•  vs Muhlenberg Co. AWAY  (HHS Girls Basketball)
•  vs Logan Co. AWAY  (HHS Girls Basketball)
•  vs Ft. Campbell HOME  (HHS Girls Basketball)