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Please click here for the Student Interest Survey we would like to have 100% participation. Thank you!

Parents, please log on to your Parent Portal to access your students fees. These are now payable to the front office. Please make the check or money order out to H H S or Hopkinsville High School. We are also accepting debit or credit card payments. It is important to pay fees as early as possible in the school year and to keep your students account current. If you have any questions please call the school.


Tardy/Dress code/cell phones: 


o   1st set of 3 (3) -Lunch Detention


o   2nd set of 3 (6) -After School detention


o   3rd set of 3 (9) -1 day ISS


o   4th set of 3 (12+) -2 days ISS per set of 3


o   *Anything over 15, will be admin discretion.  This means the student could be suspended or continue to serve 2 days ISS.  



Get texts and emails from HHS and the District.  This includes cancellations, early dismissals, and school information.  Click the NotifyMe image on the center of the page (above Latest News)



PD resource centerLink to Corwin Literacy