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Principal's Corner

Principal Letter

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Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Hopkinsville High School as we begin the 2016-2017 school year together. I am very excited to begin this school year and look forward to seeing each one of you and meeting your families. The school is one important component in your child's education. We look forward to working wit the families to help their child individually and the student body collectively.

Hopkinsville High School has a proud tradition of passing down excellence from one generation to another. We have been doing this for the past 113 years! As we begin this 114th year of educating students, I am honored to serve, as the principal, the families and students who wish to educate their children in a school where excellence and academics are at the center of all we do.


This time of year is an exciting time in all student's lives and especially for many of our ninth graders who come to high school for the first time and for our Seniors (the class of 2017) who will step up and lead the school for us as a shinning example of excellence. To ensure a successful school year, I ask all parents/guardians to take the following pledge: Will you...

  • Help your child do well in school?
  • Send your child to school on time each day with a positive attitude about learning?
  • Bookmark our website and check back often to keep informed?
  • Communicate with teachers with any concerns and/or questions first?
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences, PTO Meetings?
  • Check to see that all homework is completed and set high academic goals?
  • And finally, realize that this is a partnership in educating your child?

Hopkinsville High School will be using the student fees to enrich our curriculum for each student. This fee will afford the high school the ability to purchase much needed material to better serve our student population and increase the rigor and relevance of instruction to reach college and career readiness for all students.


As a school we will strive to keep a safe and orderly environment in which to educate your child. Learning and instruction are our purpose and priority for existing. We have high expectations for academic success for each student that is educated in our school. Encouragement and cooperation from the home helps ensure this success. As parents in the Christian County School District, please continue the good efforts and commitment you have continued to give through the years educating the children in our community.


We ask that you read the student handbook and the student discipline handbook located on our district website, Please be mindful of the school calendar.




Todd Marshall, Principal