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Dr.  John  Gunn
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Hopkinsville High School

Welcome to Hopkinsville High School!

We have a long and storied privilege here and I am honored to serve as your principal! We have much to accomplish and we can: Teachers, students, and parents as a team making a difference!

A few words of advice that I give myself almost every single day that you might consider:

· Life is all about relationships: Never forget that people are all that really matter.

· Strive to be kind to everyone at all times. You can never tell what another person is going through at that moment or has gone through in the past.

· Be polite by saying please and thank-you and you are welcome and other nice words.

· Treat all persons with respect and dignity. Everyone was once someone's little baby and may be someone's precious sister or brother or father or mother.

· Life is short. Realize it for the gift it is and be thankful for what you have been given.

· High school passes incredibly quickly. Have fun but remember to learn as much as you can and begin NOW to plan for what comes next. Strive to have a realistic plan for work or some type of education so that you can make a wage that brings you and your family dignity.

· Try going first: Be the first to smile, be the first to greet another, be the first to say something kind or nice to someone you meet.

· Again, life is about relationships. People are all that really matter in the final analysis. And in my belief system, someday I will be called to give an account for the way I have treated others. Thus I remind myself of this quite often.

And one more: Try this as an exercise in self-improvement. Try doing a 30-day positivity challenge. Here is how it works! You have to go 30 consecutive days without a single negative comment. If you make a negative comment on any one of those days prior to the 30, you have to start over. I tried this a few years ago and it was extremely difficult for me to ever get 30 in a row. However, I finally made it happen. It was a great way for me to learn how to reframe challenging moments and make them positive. Give it a try!

Have a great year! Together we can do this!

All the best always!


John W. Gunn, Principal